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Samia Syed

An attempt at talking about myself...

Alright here goes.

Growing up, I've never really had that ONE thing that I love and want to dedicate my life's purpose to. I thrive on being multi-passionate where I get to try new things, challenge myself, and continue to grow and learn about different topics.

My professional path is a testament to this. I've had the opportunity to wear many different hats across various industries including Retail, Telecommunications, Tech, Not-for-profit, and Fashion. Currently, I work in Growth Marketing at Shopify where I get to be inspired everyday by entrepreneurs and their unique stories and hustles.

On a more personal note, I like to go on adventures, eat good food (who doesn't), and workout (to make up for the eating). I also try to remind myself that although there are a million things I'd love to do, it's important be present and take time to enjoy this beautiful ride.

My ideal dinner guests: Branson (Richard) & Manson (Marilyn)
My favourite book: The Power of Now

My sense of humour: an amalgamation of inappropriate 'Your Mom' and 'Would you rather' jokes

If you've made it this far and would like to connect, shoot me an email :) 


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